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We Are Thrivethroughmenopause

We are a team of experts (with collectively well in excess of 100 yrs experience),  who can support you in developing a strong body and mind so that you can thrive during perimenopause and beyond. In addition to our wide range of expertise across physical fitness, cognitive performance, nutrition & menopause, we have personal experience of  how debilitating the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause can be.


We also know, just how busy life can be for many women as they enter and progress through mid-life and so we want the support and information we provide to be really accessible and easy to understand, so that you can build effective habits into your daily life and so that you are fully informed and able to ask the right questions of your medical professionals, to make the best choices for you.


Thrivethoughmenopause is a holistic online platform, packed with science-backed practical tools, techniques, workouts, recipes and nutrition tips to develop a strong body and mind and help you to move from surviving to fully thriving in peri-menopause and beyond!  


Our holistic online programme helps women to take back control of their health and wellbeing, building fitness, strength, mobility, resilience, confidence and health from the inside out.  

Key features include:-

  • Weekly cardio, strength, mobility & flexibility workouts. 3 new each week.

  • Nutrition tips & recipes to fuel your body & mind well, in easy to implement, practical steps.

  • Coaching tools to manage anxiety, stress, build resilience, confidence & mental strength.

  • Menopause specialists.

  • Monthly expert live chats with Q & A (recorded for catch-up).

  • Community - a safe space to share, support and encourage.

  • Virtual "talk to me" (ttm), sessions to share and support each other.


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